Technical Specifications | Tool Grinding Wheels | Jowitt and Rodgers Co.
Information and technical specifications for use, care and protection of abrasive wheels, segmented grinding wheels, and resin and opoxy bond.
technical specs for grinding wheels, use of grinding wheels, protection of grinding wheels
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Technical Specifications

Reading a J&R Grade:
Jowitt & Rodgers Grade


Safety Requirements for Use, Care and Protection of Abrasive Wheels
MSDS Sheets
Abrasive Grains:
Aluminum Oxide
G Brown
A Semi Friable
W White
F Friable
Q Ceramic
U Tough Ceramic
L Ceramic
R Ceramic Coated
Silicon Carbide
X Black Silicon Carbide
C Green Silicon Carbide
Grit Size
16 – 24 Coarse
36 – 80 Medium
100 -180 Fine
200 + Very Fine
A – F Soft
G – L Medium
M+ Hard
B – Resin
BP Epoxy

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