Jowitt & Rodgers Co. | Manufacturers of cylinder wheels for a wide array of grinding machines and applications. We produce wheels for both nut inserted and clamped mounting.
Manufacturers of cylinder wheels, including nut inserted and clamped mounting, machine knife and chipper blade grinding, Blanchard grinding, multi-spindle machines and cutlery.
grinding machines, nut inserted mounting, clamped mounting, superabrasives, syntech superabrasives, grinding hardened materials
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Superabrasive Grinding Products

Jowitt & Rodgers Co (J&R) has been providing advanced superabrasive grinding products to a wide range of industries since 1990 through its subsidiary, Syntech Superabrasives. In May 2023, J&R closed Syntech in Charlotte, NC and moved a portion of the operations to our plant in Philadelphia, PA. Our product offerings will be adjusted to reflect our focus on fine grinding applications. We will continue manufacturing select resin and metal bonded diamond and CBN products .


J&R SUPERABRASIVES takes pride in serving our clients in innovative ways to assist them in meeting their goals and objectives. Superabrasive grinding wheels are ideal for extremely hardened surfaces. We will continue finding “creative solutions” in fine grinding to achieve tighter tolerance and finer finishes with exotic alloyed compounds.


Our technical sales and engineering staffs have years of hands-on experience in all types of grinding applications and they are trained to ensure that the solutions we provide meet all of your expectations. We specialize in helping our clients meet their challenges whether it is cost reduction, productivity improvement, or improved tool quality.


World Class Competitiveness requires World Class Manufacturing Capabilities. In an ever-changing world where “State of the Art” is never steady and always advancing, J&R SUPERABRASIVES is committed to keeping you on top of these changes. We provide the advanced products and creative solutions you need to help you compete in the global market as a “world class” manufacturer.


J&R SUPERABRASIVES provides you with the most cost-effective superabrasive products and application engineering to fulfill your continuous improvement needs.



  • Phenolic Systems
  • Modified Resin Systems
  • Polyimide Systems
  • Exclusive filler combinations to enhance performance




  • Customized Superabrasive Systems for grinding ferrous and non-ferrous materials

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