Jowitt & Rodgers Co. | Contact Jowitt and Rodgers Co. Philadelphia manufacturing and engineering facility of grinding wheels
Philadelphia based manufacturing company for custom engineered and design grinding wheels and superabrasive grinding products.
Philadelphia manufacturer, manufacturing Philadelphia grinding wheels, design grinding wheels,
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Contact Us

Our Office


Jowitt & Rodgers Co.
9400 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone: (215) 824-0400

Contact List
Name Title Phone Number Email
Fred Rodgers President 215-824-0400
Paul Boardman Director of Sales 215-824-0400
James Boligitz Chief Financial Officer 215-824-0400
Jim Hartley Applications Engineer 215-824-0400
Kristine Harvey Customer Service 215-824-0400
Maureen Murphy Executive Assistant/Import Export Manager 215-824-0400

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