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Our on-site engineering & support services will evaluate your grinding operations to develop the most efficient abrasive formulation and design. We specialize in double disc and surface grinding. Our abrasives are free cutting & highly efficient. We provide prolonged dressing cycles, high metal removal rates and are cool cutting.

Spring Grinding? Do you have Springs that need grinding?

Founded in 1951

Concentrating on Surface Grinding

Jowitt & Rodgers Co. is an abrasive manufacturing company based in Philadelphia, PA.  Founded in 1951, we have focused on meeting the needs of selected niches within the abrasive market.  Concentrating on surface grinding, we custom design bonded abrasives to meet industry’s needs.  Our products are used in the production of automotive parts, bearings, cutlery, hand tools, forestry products, and a wide variety of other items.

Looking for a variety of Segment Abrasives?